Friday, 17 September 2010

if you aren't obsessed with patterns...i'd probably skip this!

Hi! Oh my gosh, this is so rushed...I apologise if it's full of spelling mistakes lol! I am on my 30 min lunch in which I have to get from one job to the other nd eat some sort of food. I have opted for a cheese toastie (which is yummy by the way) and to try and get this post done!

So, I promised to share the Ikea fabrics I bought the other day, here they are! I love the little fox! I want him as a plushie!! Also, I think the birdcage would make a super cute bag!

I also bought some new retro papers for my mini scrapbooking I want to do so here they are too...

Ahh, I love paper!

some close ups of the sweet designs! I love how it mixes all the different styles!!

I am soo loving the camera drawings too!!

I had to throw in some lovey dovey ones too as they were just so pretty!

These lovlies are from the paper swap I did with my collection is now ginormous and sooo full of colour! Here are some of my faves.

Love yellow at the moment!

Kinda similar but different!

I just cant decide what to use them all for now!!

This reminds me of 70's wall paper...fab!

Ok, I am now officially late..Im off!

Love Missy


  1. I need to go to Ikea and look at their fabric. I knew about it but I haven't been to Ikea in so long that I kind of forgot about the fabric. This is so cute! Now I HAVE to go see it! :)

  2. Super cute! I don't scrapbook, but those are super cute patterns! A x


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