Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Beautiful Talent: Genna Pethers

Hi! I can't believe it's got so late again! I am really excited to bring you another showcase of talent in the form of illustrator, Genna Pethers! 


Now, not only is this lady super talented she is also one of the lovliest people I know, I had the pleasure of living with her for 2 years at uni. Genna has been working on various gift product ranges and has now got them in the shops! They are soooo cute I have to share!

This is Genna modelling what I consider to be her most beautiful design. It is a super sweet purse with mail detailing alongside absolutely charming sketches and text. You can get more info here.

 Isn't it beautiful! I also love love love this laptop case... it would be fantastic...if I had a laptop that is!

And then this Journal...wow...most of you by now probably know I have a weakness for journals...and most paper products so this one has stolen my heart!

It will be on my wishlist...as will most of the other products in this range! I also want to showcase some of her illustrations which I love! They are so free and unique, they always make me smile!

I mean, who doesn't love tea and books...or should i say coffee!

And finally, this bag...I saw this little guy being created at our house and love that he is now forever loveable in bag form! I want him!

As usual, a link to this post and the lovely Miss Pethers blog and contact info will be placed on the Beautiful Talent tab at the top of the blog!

Goodnight all you lovlies, please feel free to leave this lady some comment love and go see her products!

Love Missy


  1. Wow! This is seriously awesome! I love her purse! Thanks for sharing =)

    A xx

  2. A very talented Miss Pethers. I expect great things!

    M x


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