Monday, 3 January 2011

look what we made!

Hi lovlies, I have been a busy bee crafting with my sister, Laura the past few days. We have tried a few new crafts recently and I have to say, I love them all. I was hoping to wittle down my craft selection and focus more on improving my skills but I just keep finding more things to experiment with! Here are some of the things we have tried...

first off, we tried some porcelain painting. 

I absolutley love how pretty these look with such little effort.

As I do more of these, I feel that my coffee obsession will form a huge part of my cup themes!

Next, we tried felting, it's soooo much fun. Although dangerous...we both managed to stab ourselves several times with the needle. I also learnt how to do blanket stitch...I have wanted to learn this for ages and now I have, I can't believe how easy and cute it is!

oh and I just adore this little guy!! I want to make lots of little creatures. I just need a little more practice and some more imagination!

This ladybird was a tad hit and miss as I was making the pattern up as I went along, but I think he turned out ok!

and meet mr and mrs owl. The cutest newly weds...ever. They are just two of Laura's creations and I love them to pieces. They are made from the softest fabric and felting. Lovely!

Have you crafted in the New Year yet? What have you been making?

Love Danielle


  1. Aw! So in love with that bee!!!! :D

    Aoife x

  2. oh those owls are soo cutee! <3
    really love them. :)

  3. So cute! I've always wanted to try felting, maybe I'll get round to it, this year! Happy new year!! Axx

  4. Oh my! You have been busy. I love the coffee mug. So cute! I have wanted to learn to felt recently, too. It's on my huge list of things to learn. Hopefully I'll get around to it one of these day. :)

    The blanket stitch is my absolute favorite thing. It makes every project cuter! I'm glad you were able to learn. You will love it. I use it on all of my plushies...and most of my other hand stitch projects, too.

  5. Love love love your coffee mug I too have a coffee obsession! Everything looks great you have been a busy crafting bee!!


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