Wednesday, 26 January 2011

speaking of cake...

Ok, so no one was talking about cake, I just wanted to bring it up. I'm so impressed by some of the cakes that are available today, seriously, the people who make these beauties have my full admiration!

I'd actually love this for my wedding, a whole wedding themed on tea and cake! How fabulous, I don't think my man would be as enthusiastic! 

And of course, individual teacup cupcakes... Bliss! Just look at the detail, mmmm!

And another of my loves... an edible form. I'm sure I wished for this once. They are so intricate, I don't think i would dare eat these, I couldn't bear to spoil them!

I've been a busy girl in my craft room the past few days, making it look like this...

It's for a good reason though, I got my first custom scrapbook order. Very excited. I'm already two thirds done!

And back to the cake...what's your favourite flavour?

Love Danielle


  1. i love the tea concept and the last ones OMG adorable!

  2. I have always wanted a cake in the shape of my darling dogs- and have a party and call it keg and cake. Fun huh? :)

    My favorite flavor for cupcake is red velvet for a cake cake.. I have love-n the yellow birthday cake.. mmm!


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