Thursday, 13 January 2011

tick that box

Hi everyone, I'm super excitable today...I get one step closer to a couple of my 26 before 27's today. I got a little bit closer to my goal weight (even though it was my birthday and I totally enjoyed all the goodies) I have given a handmade gift (and have 7 more in the pipeline) and I found a new music artist to adore.

Miss Katie Melua. I have heard her stuff before and thought it was nice but it never really stuck...BUT my lovely friend Brooke told me she had heard her new song, The Flood and thought of me so I gave it a listen.

Wow...I am addicted! I have it on super annoying to everyone else but me repeat!!

Mixed in with A Happy Place - this really makes my heart sing! Such an inspiring song. It makes me want to dance! Infact, I have been guilty of some, ahem...behind closed doors and curtains dancing today!

Who is the soundtrack in your life at the moment??
Love Danielle

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