Sunday, 9 January 2011

Crushing On: Nooks, Crannies and Cubbies!

Hi there! So glad you stopped by today, I'm sharing another one of my many I just adore open storage, I hate the thought that I might forget something that I have to create with by stashing it away in a box or drawer! I also love to use baskets to store things in although these can take up heaps of space so they aren't always an option. But!...take a look at these cuties...drool!

Is this not fantastic? Just looking at this gets me silly! The possibilities...cute creatures, wool, fabric...LOVE!

I would seriously love something like this for my keys...I am always losing mine. (Sharry will vouch for that) 

I think these wire racks are enchanting and are just waiting to be loved and decorated with mini bunting, crochet and sparkly things! I had to put one wicker basket in...I can always find space for one more...eek! I found all these gorgeous items at Graham and Green! Lovely.

Right-o I'm off to re-arrange the craft room, to accomodate all my new things that Santa brought!

Love Danielle 

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