Tuesday, 18 January 2011

London baby...shopping

Hi guys, this was totally supposed to be posted last night but I fell asleep at 8.30. Eek, I was super tired from the weekend and just couldn't keep my eyes open! Anyway, here are my tales from London (be aware these posts are super image heavy.)

So I got to London pretty early (after making a crazy dash for the train as mine had been cancelled!) and I met up with the beautiful Miss Emma and we scooted straight to the hotel to drop of all our bags and hit the shops! My first purchase was an amazingly snug knitted cardigan/wrap, from Topshop of all places...I never shop in there...but I couldn't resist!

admittedly, this is not the greatest photo...i will do a better one soon! I also bought these lovelies from Selfridges...I could seriously spend a lot of money in there!

I simply cant wait to get scribbling, there was no way I was going to London and not buying at least one notebook, right?

I love these shoes! I bought them in black and was smitten with them instantly, you can kind of see them here...

sadly...they completely fell apart that same night when I wore them out, we went to see Love Never Dies at the Adelphi theatre, which was so fantastic I can't even describe, and when we were walking to a restaurant afterwards they just gave up!

and this is me, trying to hold them together with hair grips...which worked, sort of. So anyway I had to take them back, but on the plus side I got to re-spend my money. 

I treated myself to a new bag, as mine had broken the day before...ok I broke it, but hey!

Isn't it pretty! We went to Urban Outfitter twice as I couldnt decide what to get, eventually I decided on these amazing notecards that I have wanted for months...

and this bow necklace...

then possibly my favourite shop...anthropologie...I wanted every other thing I saw in here...including half the furninshings. I got my little mits on this super cute mustard hair clip.

and this pale green diamante headband...swoon!

Just have a peek at some of the furniture they had too...it was all for sale but the prices were so astronomical it hurt to look at them!

I would kill for these drawers...my heart melted a little bit when I saw them!

and this bed is beyond anything I could dream...I had a daydream in the store about it being in my house...it looked so good!

I also loved this botanical wall, it was fantastically huge...it spanned 3 stories and was completely real. It smelled fantastic too!

So that's pretty much it for the shopping side of things...I'll be back soon with some random pictures that made me smile and a whole post dedicated to the food we ate, cos I was so excited about it!

Love Danielle

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