Tuesday, 18 January 2011

London baby...food

Well, I really felt I should dedicate a whole post to some of the fantastic foods we ate over the 2 days...and yes, there was more than enough to fill a post! We started with traditional pub food and hot apple cider...mmm although I didn't get any pictures of this...we were too hungry and it didn't last long! Emma later told me that we were going to see a show as a suprise and that we were booked into a restaurant at 11pm that night so we needed to eat before the show. We found an absolutely adorable restaurant/pattisserie and ate calamari with truffle fries...no I'd never heard of them either but my goodness they were fantastic!! 

We also picked a cake each from this gorgeous selection!

After our show, we walked (in ridiculously high and painful shoes) almost a mile to Inamo, a japanese restaurant with a twist. The table was interactive!

There was a little mouse pad by each person and you went through the menu and simply ordered via your table. this completely blew my mind! Whatever dish you were looking at showed up on your plate too...A..MA..ZING!!

And I've never had food like it. I definately have a new favourite. It was delicious!
On Sunday morning, we couldnt resist a traditional breakfast...at Starbucks of course!

Now although I didn't eat here I feel compelled to show you this doughnut stand that we found in Camden.

Have you ever seen so many doughnuts in one place! Like...wow!

Anyway, that's enough about food, it's making me hungry, check back later for one final London post!

Love Danielle

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