Saturday, 8 January 2011

no really...I painted!

Hello there, I have had a pretty busy few days recently but I am so excitedto now be on Holiday from work. A whole 9 days with nothing to do is stretching out infront of me. I need lots of fun exciting ideas of things to do that are...a bit different... I don't know, any suggestions? But anyway, yeah I painted. I have been putting this one off for well over a year cos I'm pretty afraid that it's not my forte, although I am pleased to report that I love my little pictures. Here is Milly...

And here is Ruby...

They are painted on plates with porcelain paints and it's another of my new crafting loves. I could sit for hours! I do seriously struggle with the faces though. Any tips for faces?

I'll fill you in on my holiday plans soon, if I ever get round to making any!

Love Danielle


  1. Seriously?? Painting is definitely your forte! Theses are lovely! I wish I could paint and draw. Sadly, this is ACTUALLY not my forte. ;) Great job!

  2. Those are really cutee! my tip for faces= I use to take illustration for fashion design sketches and collections, my first faces where horrible since I didnt drew in long time, so a good exercise was drawing faces from big to the smallest that you will be at the end drawin (or paintng), and then when the smallest look ok, fill a drawing page with lots of small faces and maybe different expressions, it might be tedious, but you'll end up having discovered the type of faces that you like best for your drawings (sorry for the longest tip in history!)


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