Wednesday, 19 January 2011

A matter of language

Good evening lovlies, just a quick little post today on my thought for the day. As I've been scouring blog land and also on YouTube recently I have been really disheartened by all the negative commenting that goes on. Just because people have the Internet to hide behind they feel it's ok to absolutely tear into anyone they don't quite agree with. I bet not one of those hateful commenters would say any of what they write to someone in person, so why be so hurtful? So my thought for the day comes in the form of this gorgeous illustration I found on etsy.

You can buy this beautiful piece here and I just want to say how thankful I am to all my lovely wonderful readers who are never anything except kind and supportive with your words!

Love Danielle


  1. That should be 'accept' not 'except'.

  2. Cute poster! Also loving the new look of the blog, cute owls!xo

  3. Urghh, I completely agree! A little kindness goes a long way! xx

  4. Sorry anonymous, I have to disagree and say it's except!



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