Friday, 21 January 2011

baby, it's cold outside

but not that cold... hi everyone, I'm struggling with my wardrobe at the moment! I'm really wanting to wear all my pretty little dresses and legging and I am totally fine with the snuggly boots...but the coat/cardigan and sleeves issue is confusing me! I am in LOVE with my new ultra warm cardigan but it only has mid length sleeves and its too thick to put a coat on with....literally..I die! So, I think the only answer is to buy some long fingerless gloves! So I have been window shopping on Etsy and found these that are taking my fancy at the moment...

These are sooo pretty...I can just see myself out shopping and feeling so pretty in these...I think with the kind of person I am though, I wuld have stained, wrecked or ruined them within a day...They would be so lovely for special events and date nights though!

The detailing on this is amazing! So pretty and femine, I love how they make your fingers look so cute too. (Thats probably a wierd thing to put but I have kinda stumpy fingers and these gloves do wonders for that!) If these went all the way to my elbows....prefection!

Now these....look the absolute, warmest comfiest gloves. I need these. I love the colour too! I will really have to work on keeping up with my nail polish though, it chips way too easy...anybody have any tips on stopping that from happening?

I'm going to spend some time with my notebook now! Have a nice night guys!

Love Danielle

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