Wednesday, 19 January 2011

London baby...happy shots

Wow, thanks for bearing with me while I trawl through my London trip in all of it's photographic glory! Here is one final post of silly happy pictures that I took...many of them will feature Emma and I grinning like school kids at an outstretched camera!

modelling Emma's shiny new sequin bow!

Emma and the infamous bow!

Getting ready to go and see Love Never Dies.

Cocktails at Inamo.

Trying on some amazing vintage headwear!

Yep, I had to have a go too!

And some less vintage..more crazy headwear!

Evening outfits.

Glasses anyone?

One of two supercute turban headbands.

A very pretty and very expensive anthrolpologie dress.

The soles of my crazy, beautiful, broken shoes!

 Say cheese!

Thanks for reading, I love that I can share my pictures with you all!

Love Danielle

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