Saturday, 17 July 2010

cute store profile: cupcakes to your door

I'm very excited to be able to tell you about these guys. I found their stall at our local village fete. I saw the sign from so far away,  I practically ran all the way lol! Anyway, this is cupcakes to your door, a lovely local company who do just as they say. And oh my, the cakes are just divine!

They had so many gorgeous flavours, and sizes too. Plus they were amazingly good value!

I had a hard time deciding which to choose.

We each got different ones in the end to try them all! I cannot tell you how good they were. I've never had such beautiful cupcakes! I wish they would open a coffee and cupcake shop. I would be a permanent resident!

And just to make everyone jealous, here is the yummy one I got to eat today! Mmmmmmm!!!!

Anyway, I seriously recommend them for any possible event you may be having that could be improved with cupcakes! Find them here....go now!!

Love Missy 


  1. Hi, I love your blog! Thanks for the mention of our cupcakes but the link to our website doesn't appear to work. I am going to tweet your blog as I reckon my followers would like your kind of stuff. Your photos of our cupcakes are wonderful and thanks again for your wonderful comments.

  2. Thanks for posting guys. Gill the link has been updated, thanks for the tweet mention! x

  3. Danielle I cannot find your twitter, can you let me know, thanks

  4. you succeeded in making me jealous. There is a rarity of cupcakes here in england I find...or maybe I haven't been looking enough? Other than Candy Cakes I don't know where else to find them!

  5. Oh wow, those look absolutely delicious!


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