Tuesday, 27 July 2010

its that time already!

Oh my, it's soo late again! I just dot want to go to sleep, I have too many ideas! As I have to go to work in a few hour tho, I guess I should go soon! Here is what I've been doin this evening as well as some journal bits and pieces and a little bit of planning!

I think the birdie will be a brooch? I'm not sure!

Love Missy

P.s I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who comments on my blog, I love reading them all! I think yesterdays will go into the shop! X


  1. You create the most beautiful things truly inspiring! Thank you so much for the awesome prize pack! I received it yesterday so I think today will be a day of creating!

  2. I know I never want to go to sleep when it's getting late, I wanna stay up and make things!


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