Wednesday, 28 July 2010

ooh even more crafty crafts

Happy Wednesday! I love wednesdays, I'm off work I get some time with Haydn and I get to craft mostly. I am completeley hooked on embroidery hoop pics. What do you think of these?

Printed fabric, hand sewn cushioniness. Yes im aware that's not a word! Anyway, I want to make more more more!

I've had such a lovely day. What have you done today?

Love Missy


  1. I love these! You are very talented. My favorite is the picture on the top! :)

    p.s. cushioniness is a word...cause you said it! ;)

  2. Love love love your new creations especially the one with coffee & cupcakes because I have a weakness for both :)

  3. Love!

    Today I went out for lunch with my mom, and now I'm planning on doing a bit of knitting!


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