Thursday, 29 July 2010

sometimes I don't like technology

Good evening, is now I am about to go to bed! I was just finishing off a little piece of graphic work, it was all ready to go to the printers then....Eeeek...the computer made a booboo and lost half my work. So now I spent the whole evening sorting it out and couldnt do any crafting. I want to do some now but I'm soo sleepy! Boohoo. Nevermind...tomorrow will be here soon enough. Yay!

I could seriously have used these cushions earlier...even though I'm using a mac lol!

Happy post tomorrow I promise!

Love Missy


  1. Oh no! That's a huge bummer. Hope the second time round everything is 100 times better! :)

  2. Thanks Holly, feeling way more positive the project to the printers in time and got paid! woohoo!

  3. Arghh! Technology is super silly sometimes!! =(

    Right, Shrinkies/Shrinkles/Shrinky-Dinks... Basically you buy these sheets of plastic, and draw on them with a permanent marker, cut them out, and pop them on a tray in the oven at around gas mark 3, and watch them shrink to tiny sizes! You can get the plastic in heaps of places...

    And it comes with loads of instructions and heaps of ideas of things you can do with them - badges, keyrings etc etc.

    I hope this helps!! =) xxxx

  4. Yay for Shrinkles!! I hope they arrive soon! I love getting post too =) It's a million times more exciting than email! =) xx


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