Tuesday, 27 July 2010

look how cute this space is

Hi! I've had a bit of a funny evening tonight. I slept for most of it and then woke up to watch Remember Me, with (Robert Pattison in it) It was actually a really lovely, moving film, not at all what I was expecting and it made me think. Now however, after already sleeping half the evening I am WIDE awake. So I thought I would share this studio with you. It's from a pretty blog I found called Making it Lovely.


It's such an exciting looking space. I am a huge fan of open storage (I kind of freak out a bit if all my crafty stuff is put away cos I forget what I have and how to use it lol) The colours are so nice too, and the table....well...I'd be scared to use it incase I damaged it! Gorgeous!

Now I'm not sure what I would use these for but I'm sure I could find something. I want!!

I'm really excited to think about my own craft space...which will be in the house I intend to buy soooon! (as soon as we get the money together that is) So many possibilities, I'm not sure I'll be able to decide!

So tomorrow, I have a whole 3 hour craft session scheduled. No work, no children, no cleaning! Just me, a little bit of Marina & the diamonds and creativity. BLISS.

Do you get as excited by alone crafting time as this? I feel a bit bad for wanting some alone time but I learnt the hard way, that I do a lot and every now and then I need a little bit of me time. So, roll on tomorrow!

Love Missy


  1. I loved the movie Remember Me! I think having time on your own is very important! Enjoy!

    I'm mentioning your blog and posting a giveaway on my blog today hope to see you enter :)

  2. Love it! Hope you have fun with your crafting time. :)


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