Saturday, 17 July 2010

new project: button clock

Here is a peek at one of my newest creations! I'm so excited about this one. I had lots of fun making this one! It works fully and acurately as a clock. I'm hoping to do some more in various colours and sizes. This item will be winging it's way to the shop when I've photographed it properly! I also have the othe hairclips here, which are ready to go into the shop!

 Here it is all lovely and green!

All the hair clips together,  I've kept one aside for myself too!

I have another post coming soon about a new cute store profile!

PLUS!! Giveaway winners announced tomorrow! Good Luck Guys!
Love Missy 


  1. This is so amazing! You are very creative!! I love buttons so much and I have never seen anyone do this with them before. I might have to get one when they are up in your shop. Keep us posted on when they're up. :)


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