Friday, 9 July 2010

New Feature: cute store profile

Hi there, I'm still out and about on my hols, in the Isle of Man at present and I've decided to do a new feature, I found this store today and just have to share it with you. I'll maybe do this once a month or more if I come across other beautiful shops.

Welcome to Shakti Man. A completely cute fair trade shop in Ramsey, Isle of Man. As soon as I walked in I knew I could spend a whole lot of money in there.

Their products are all so beautiful and unique, best of all they are all fair trade.

I was so excited as soon as I walked in...just look at all the goodies! Breathless!!

I particularly liked the Jewellery much eye candy!

This was one of my favourite displays, as most of you who have ebnn here before will know I have a rather large weakness for owls...and cute ones like these go straight to the top of the list!

These just make me go weak at the knees. I so wanted the whole set! The pattern is absolutely love!

I spotted this little bench full of hand made goodies...mostly felt and fabric. I have to say the prices were fantastic too...and you have the feel good factor of everything being fair trade. Makes me happy to know that my purchases will make a little difference!

Now just look at these stunning ceramic drawer sests. Cute as a button or what! I actually bought a set of these for a gift for the wedding we are attending tomorrow. I wish they were for me really though hehe!

And last but not least I spied this little guy way up on a shelf. I loved him straight away and bought him and his little girlfriend (in pink) and have decided to add them to my stash of prizes in my 100th post giveaway which will be posted tomorrow!

So, if you are in the area...or even if you have to make a special trip...please go see these guys, I guarantee you wont be disappointed and will come out with some magical items...and a warm feeling in your heart that you have done good! They are at 66 Parliament St, Ramsey, Isle of Man.

Love Missy


  1. awww so cute! i just adore those birds. i entred! fingers crossed!

  2. Hello! I just found your blog via Ciara's facebook...I'm a far away friend of hers (in Australia lol). I'm gutted to have missed the wedding, it looked epic! I was lucky enough to work in this shop in between my travels! Leni is one of my most favourite people. It was the BEST place to work, I wish Australia wasn't quite so far away :( I'm glad to have found you and that you're writing about such nice things x


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