Tuesday, 6 July 2010

it's all in your head

Well...not exactly in your head...more like on it! Hi, once again you guys, I have a huge style crush for headbands. They are next on my list for the shop and I have a few ideas up my sleeve. There are sooo many pretty ones around though, I could look (and buy) forever! A sample of what's tickling my fancy tonight...

I really love these big, bold, beautiful ones. I am yet to trail one of these but I will soon!

Anything with a large flower is O.K by me!

This is so perfect for sunny days, I saw a dress today that would be perfect for this!

And then there is this cutie from the lovely Elsie at a beautiful mess.

They are all so pretty, I am kinda torn between inspiration and jelousy! I mean how talented are these ladies! Back to the sewing box for me!

Love Missy

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