Saturday, 17 July 2010

wall space

Hi friends, hope everyone had a really good Friday, I'm looking forward to the weekend, I have lots of plans. I am going to start with a to do list in the morning...I am going to do no work this weekend, just fun projects! Which leads me onto my topic tonight. Things to go on the wall. I have to say you cant beat bunting. It's so cute and so versatile. I love love love it! 

Seriously, just look at it! Yummy, such pretty colours! I've also been looking for other things that could go on walls (yes I'm still dreaming of the house I will one day own lol)

This is a brilliant idea! Fabric covered canvasses! Beautiful and they can match your room exactly.

Wordy washing lines, are way high on my list of 'to makes'I will definately need some of these in the house!

I have always liked this idea. I would just look for hours! So pretty!

And I can't have an inspiration post without some owls. This is so sweet, I will dream happy dreams! 

Love Missy


  1. How weird!!! I decided last night that I was going to make bunting, fabric covered canvas and pieced fabric embroidery hoops to decorate my craft room! I even emailed my mom the exact same picture of the fabric covered canvas to show her what I was going to do! Are you reading my mind! That's so cool!!! :)

  2. Wow! Great minds think alike huh! It's obviously a fab idea. I started my very first bunting last night! I am a newbie to a sewing machine so I am going quite slowly lol. `it will get there tho. Post some pics of yours when it's done!


  3. I looooove the idea of fabric covered canvasses! It looks so great!


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