Friday, 16 July 2010

the wedding

Last weekend we were honoured enough to be invited to the wedding of our dear friends, David and Ciara.

Ciara looked absolutely stunning! I have to admit I had a tear when she came into the church!

It was the most beautiful, well planned and completely personal wedding I've been to. It really was amazing.

These were just brilliant. The colours worked perfectly with their Indian theme.

The place settings were really unique, love love love!

The cake was a colourful masterpiece, I've never seen anything like it!

Oh my, and all the handmade cupcakes you could dream of! It simply was fabulous. I wish we could have stayed longer but Haydn had done as much as he could and needed his bed.

Congratulations you guys!!

Love Missy
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  1. Looks like an absolutely amazing wedding!

  2. What an awesome wedding cake!

  3. oh wow! how honoured am i, getting a mention! pleased as punch. cant take all the credit though, was a joint effort! mum did the flowers and cake, davids mum did the cupcakes, the little fuscia placenames were painstakingly painted, cut out and beaded by the james girls..... so many did so much. best day of my life, very glad you were there to share it..... off to look at your etsy site now, im a bit etsy obsessed..... xxx

  4. Im,Ciara's aunt Nuala. Wasn't it great and your little guy is an absolute heartbreaker.. Wasn't it a great wedding?

  5. oh wow that looks amazing! i love the's so quirky!

  6. Nuala. Hi! It was such a beautiful wedding! Im so pleased we were able to be with you all to celebrate! xxx

    Ciara, I had to post about it, it was too beautiful not too! xxx


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