Monday, 12 July 2010


I can't believe I am under the twilight spell.

I was determined that I wouldn't be swept up in the whole thing so I didn't watch any of them. However, I thought I would just see what they were like...well. No sooner had I finished the first one..I was scrabbling round trying to get a copy of New Moon... and now I am incredibly excited to watch eclipse...which I might even take a trip to the cinema to see! How did I get so wrapped up in this??

I must just say also, that Bella's dress here is pretty damn cute!

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Love you guys!

Love Missy


  1. What a lovely blog you have!! Thanks for visiting mine and leaving such a sweet comment. I look forward to reading your posts in the future!

    I didn't want to get sucked into the Twilight craze either, but it's just so good!!! You have to read the books if you haven't. Way better than then movies (I still love the movies!).

    p.s. That dress is pretty damn cute! :)

  2. hey missy, comments are working now - yay - glad its working now - as i have tried a few times as i wanted to write about some of your posts (i became a follower of the blog so that must be what it was!)
    i'm loving twilight too - sooo team edward or team jacob??x x x

  3. I must admit I am also a Twilight fan. In my defense I was forced to read the first book for a young adult literature class I took in grad school a few years ago...I have no excuse for the others though!

  4. really?? you see, that is what I am afraid of. I refuse to watch twilight from seeing what it has done to my girlfriends. we've downloaded twilight and it's just waiting to be watched. should i? should i not? hmmmm....

  5. That's what happened to me but with the books rather than the films. I thought people were making a big fuss over nothing then I figured I'd have a look and got addicted and had to buy all of them.

  6. Sal, you should definately watch it. It seriously makes you happy lol! Oh and I'm definately team Edward all the way! I like to think I could be Bella haha!


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