Saturday, 15 May 2010

owls from etsy!

I have been spending lots of time on the lovely Etsy today, in particular searching for owls. There are soooo many lovely things that people make. I am so in awe of some of these people, where DO their ideas come from. All I can say is wow. Here are some of my absolute faves!

These magnet's from scientificculture are all gorgeous, especially the owl!

This pendant from uniqueartpendants is utterly charming!

Nevermind having this vinyl art in a kids bedroom...I want it in mine! By SimpleShapes

This pendant from FingerPrince is cute, he looks like a little baby owl...speaking of which...

How sweet are these little tiny owl babies from woolcrazy! I want to find homes for them all!

and this little sweetie is my favouritest favourite I think also from woolcrazy. She is absolutely darling playing peek a boo...I need her for my collection!! Thank you

What are you into? What makes you go all gooey inside? I'd love to know!

Love Missy

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  1. Sweet Feature! I love all the cuteness your found! Thank you!


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