Monday, 10 May 2010

bow beauty

Lovely Monday! Hi everyone, I'm off to Leicester again today but for the last time! I am handing in all my coursework so I will be driving most part of the day. Thought I would leave you with an inspiration post all about my latest crush...bows!

The most delicious bows!

I would sooo love this collection!

Are these cupcakes or buttons? Either is fine by me!

Cute cute cute!!

I need to dig through this stash, it looks choc full of lovelies!!

all images from

I'll try and post via my (very cracked) iphone later, if I can work out how haha!

Have a lovely day!

Love Missy

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  1. i have a *thing* for bows, too. these images are lovely, Missy. :)


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