Tuesday, 8 February 2011

pathway to spring

 Hello! Is it me or did today feel almost...springy? Beautiful bright blue skies...no biting wind and temperatures above zero? I think it did. Wow, it gave me such a fresh feeling for the year. 

I want to share these beautiful photo's from the the blog of Emma Lamb...a fantastically talented crocheter, who never fails to inspire me with her simply beautiful woolen delights! 

is this not quite possibly the most beautiful desk ever?

It's just so happy.

Definately the colours I want for spring! So fresh...I want to go outside!

While I'm talking about Emma, I should also let you know that she has a beautiful Etsy shop and blog. You should really have a look...get ready to be overwhelmed with inspiration and awe at her amazing products and posts! 

My absolute favourite is the petite flower garland. I want...no need, one of these for my pretty room!
What do you think?

Love Danielle

p.s don't forget to enter the Valentines giveaway!


  1. Hello Danielle... :)
    Thank you so much for such a sweet write up, you are far too kind! I have left my thanks on my own wee blog just now ~ http://emmallamb.blogspot.com/2011/02/thank-you-sweet-blogging-buddies.html
    Wishing you the most fabulous day...:)
    Emma, x

  2. These pictures are very pretty!

  3. Ahh you are so welcome, I adore your pretties and love to visit your blog! I think everyone else should too!


  4. Aren't they...I wish my desk looked like this!


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