Sunday, 20 February 2011

Party planning...

Hi there! I've been thinking about party planning a lot today, I was reading a blog the other day about how this particular person was already planning her daughters 3rd birthday party for May. Haydn is 3 in April and I haven't given his party much thought as yet. Should I be starting to plan?? I know that when it actually gets here I won't be prepared enough to do all the things I want to so maybe I should?

So far I have decided I would quite like a theme like this balloon one...

I love that everything matches and there are so many cute details.

I would also love to hand make co ordinating decorations, sweets and other such lovliness.

Is anybody out there planning a toddler birthday? Should I just keep it simple and go to the Zoo or someplace? Or do a tea party kinda thing? Maybe I could do both?

We shall see how organised I am!

Love Danielle

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