Monday, 21 February 2011

Monday Morning Motivation - Kindness

More specifically, Random Acts of Kindness. I'm a great believer that smiling at someone for no reason may make their day a little better. If someone is feeling pretty low or worried, then the briefest of smiles from a stranger could just make their day...and it doesn't cost you anything does it? 


Last week (14th-20th Feb) was Random Acts of Kindness Week. I'm going to carry it on for the rest of the year. I'm aiming for a random act a day, it can be as simple as holding a door open... or sending someone I love a little gift for ...well...just being them. 


Will you help and do some random acts of kindness? How much nicer would everything seem if everyone did this....every little helps! 

Love Danielle


  1. last week i sent a couple of cards with inspirational messages and smiles also

  2. That's what I like to hear! Yay! xxx


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