Saturday, 5 February 2011

Let them eat cake

Oh I had such a fun day with my boys today! After we had some breakfast I got out all our cupcake decorating stuff and we made delicious cakes!

There were glitters and sparkles an chocolate curls. Absolutely divine!

Haydn got stuck straight in! He loved it!

He seemed to enjoy tasting them too!

We had a new icing toy to play with too!

And here's what we came up with. A superb colour explosion, full of glimmer and sparkle!

Yummy or what?

Then we finished up with a lovely huge lunch and a nap! Perfection!

How was your Saturday?

Love Danielle


  1. My saturday was long but productive. Went out early morning to un some errands and enjoyed a good time with my baby in her new pool :) pics comming soon.
    I can see you guys had so much fun with the cupcakes ;)

  2. They turned out so cute! They look really yummy, too! :)

  3. What fun decorating cupcakes sounds like a lovely Saturday! Ours was filled with a trip to the movies and eating platters of fried seafood :)


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