Sunday, 6 February 2011

get in line please...

Ever get overwhelmed by the amount of ideas, projects and to do's? I do... like all the time! How do you get your head straight and form a plan of action? My usual idea is to make a to do list, something like this one...

but sometimes, it's just not enough, my random scraps of paper that form makeshift to do lists just don't cut it... I really want to get into the habit of putting all new project matter how big or small into a project journal. That way I can go back to it and remember all my fleeting ideas of new creations. So that's my new little project, I'll show peeks when I can and hopefully add a little photo of the idea when it's at know..just to keep a record.

So how do you organise your creative waves? I'd love to see some pictures!

Love Danielle

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