Saturday, 26 May 2012

7 years young

Why hello there lovelies! Just a few short days ago my Mr. and I shared our 7th Anniversary (not wedding anniversary, no no that's still to come) but the day we decided that he was for me and I for him. From that day to this, I have spent almost every day, with my best friend, getting to know and love him to bits!

We decided to mark the occasion by first going out to dinner at a local place called Priory Farm, it's set in a ruined Priory and is incredibly quaint. To add even more to it's charm, they have llamas out front! I adore llamas so it was an extra treat for me! 

After dinner and feeling more than full we went home to create cocktails! We bought in all kinds of liquers, mixers and fruit and just had some fun! The idea was to invent some signature cocktails that we can serve at our wedding. It was so so much fun and lots of taste tasting was done! I'm not sure we decided on definite favourites but there were some super tasty concoctions! The best bit is we have lots of bottles left to do it again sometime soon!

Love Danielle 

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  1. Saskialosttheplot28 May 2012 at 20:37

    Hit the link on facebook and found lots of pictures of vodka and cocktails!! love the little glass bottle with the cocktail n straw. Really enjoyed reading your blogs missus xx


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