Friday, 29 June 2012

The Happiness Objective


I'm using this post to lay out my objective, a mission statement of sorts. It's a huge part of my life to set goals and truly think I would be lost without them. I began thinking seriously about goals just over two years ago when I realised that without them I had no real aim or focus. It seemed like a simple way to organise the thoughts and hopes in my head into an actual list. (Please don't get me started on lists, that's a whole other blog post)

I started by listing short term goals, easily managable things that I figured would make my life more positive, the feeling of ticking them off one by one was amazing...and so addictive. It was around the time that I began regularly reading blogs that I made the decision to focus on bringing positivity and happiness into my life any way that I could. I strongly believe that your own perspective directly influences your life, mood, behaviours and also the way you cope with whatever comes your way. Almost 2 years ago, I made the decision to remove negativity from my life in every way possible. It was an easy change to make and one that has seen the greatest improvement.

My first step was to make the decision to longer portray any negativity through social media, that meant first and foremost my blog, also Facebook, Twitter and anywhere else I was to voice an opinion or leave my comments. I for one, don't enjoy reading the rants and raves about the ins and out of people's life. For me, it would be like airing my dirty laundry to the world and who would want the world to see that! So instead of writing my anger or frustration, I instead focused on a good part of my life and wrote about that and in turn felt so much better. This, was my first breakthrough. I realised that in order to feel good on the inside I had to feel good on the outside, almost as if you the positivity you give out radiates back in on yourself. This absolutely works, not only for yourself, I have had several comments from friends, that have felt a little bit of happiness from the positive comments I write about.

Step two was a bit more tricky. I had to tackle the ever growing list of things in my head that I wanted to be and do and experience. Trouble is, the more I see, the more I want to be. I see all these snippets of people's lives and want to accommodate them in my life immediately. It may be a habit, a way of life or a day out that I think would enrich mine and my family's lives. Unfortunately, this constant growth and inspiration eventually leads to a point of mental exhaustion and 'can't do' attitude. As a person trying to remove negativity it is important for me to learn to focus on area's that I do have control over and stop trying to change things that I can't. That's where this post comes in, it's the beginning, the start, the front cover for the rest of my life. So here is my mission statement for this blog and my life.

Number 1. (and this is a biggie for me) To be healthy, to encourage a healthy attitude for my family and attain a weight I am happy with (again....whole other blog post here)

Number 2. Spend as much quality time with my family as possible and photograph it.

Number 3. To make sure my Haydn and any other children I have grow up with manners, respect and intelligence.

Number 4. To be proud of my surroundings. I only want things I love and think are beautiful in my home.

Number 5. To work hard, to run a successful business that I am proud of and put my whole heart into.

Number 6. To be creative in all aspects of my life and make time to pursue it.

Number 7. To be organised. I honestly wonder if anyone is ever truly as organised as they really want to be.

Number 8. To procrastinate less and make the more of the time I have. Ever watched T.V and lost 2 hours or a whole evening? Yup, that's gotta go!

So there it is, best laid plans. It won't happen overnight (it took me three days to finish writing this post) but each step I take is a step closer the where I want to be!

Love Danielle

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  1. Saskialosttheplot30 June 2012 at 09:34

    I Love this. It is really thoughtful xxxx


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