Monday, 7 May 2012

Weekend Frolics: Bristol

We decided it was high time we took a little trip across the country to see some amazing friends of ours and also to get a little family fun time too! So after a 5 hour drive (Well done to my Mr, who drove all the way) we arrived at our hotel and all clambered straight into bed and woke up ready for a fun filled day in the city! Considering this, we ended up at a farm!

It was truly lovely to find such an organic, peaceful spot right in the middle of the city! Haydn loved spotting all the different vegetables that were growing, I think that may be a future project for us, to get some growing going on at home!

We saw lots of animals and decided that as a family, we NEED a pigmy goat, before which we may need a garden.

Haydn took charge and led us round, he was so brave and stroked lots of animals.

I got the chance to road test my pretty new shoes and about 5 minutes after this picture was taken, they got covered in mud as Haydn, literally ran across my feet...oops.

The next day we got to go and meet with 2 of the loveliest ladies I have ever met and I was so excited! I'm pretty sure they have both been mentioned numerous times on here before but they are just both such amazing people and I am well and truly in a happy place around them! Say hi to Brooke and Genna!

Aren't they cute? we had a lovely brunch/lunch at an American themed diner and then took a walk down a street full of shops with vintage and pretties galore. I excerised a lot of restraint today in not purchasing all of the lovely things I saw!

We found another (oh yes) cafe and dipped in to sample their cakes and homemade lemonade, and boy were they yummy! My boys were being so silly, behaviour which can be attributed to the copious amounts of sugar that were ingested! To burn off some of which we walked to a park area and found some water to play in.

I think it was decided today that under no circumstances are we to leave it so long again! I simply adore these girls and even though there are 260 miles between us, we need a regular meet up!

We have one more day in Bristol and I get to see the other lovely lady that lives here, but more about that tomorrow!

Good Night All,
Love Danielle

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