Monday, 14 May 2012

Pretty perfect day

Hi all, you know sometimes you just have an unplanned, off the cuff perfect days, suddenly the weather is gorgeous and the whole day just comes together. I love those kinda days.

It started off by watching my two boys out in the back having a waterfight. It was great they were laughing so much as I got the rest of the washing up and cleaning done, so we could have a day out!

Then while the Mr did a little last minute bit of work I took Haydn and his Grandad over to the park next door. We originally went to play skittles but after we took the next shot, Haydn ran off and all the skittles blew down. 

We just ran round for a bit, played hide and seek, ran through some rose gardens. Haydn got incredibly muddy legs and kept taking off his shoes.

Can you believe that I climbed a tree??I know, right. A year ago I wouldn't have even considered it, I would have been way too self conscious but I just got right on up there!

(and just a little note here, Haydn wasn't hanging off my foot, he was actually stood on the ground!)

So we pretty much played the morning away and then drove into the City to meet up with a lovely friend of ours for some lunch. I've been trying to get the boys to venture out of their foodie comfort zones and try to do some different things and I'm proud to say they have been really brave. I took them for Sushi a few weeks back and this lovely day we tried out Wagamama. I could see from the look on Sharrys and his Dad's face that it was way way past the line of comfort for them but they did really well and oh my gosh was it yummy! I ended up with chilli squid, sticky white rice and some steamed edamame. Such good food!

I think the expression says it all! So after lunch, we decided we still weren't done for the day and went to see my mum and dad for the evening and ended up going for dinner (again) and I managed to stay on plan both times. Hurray me!

It really was such a sweet and lovely day. No tantrums either which is always a bonus. Don't you just love days like this! 

Love Danielle

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