Wednesday, 3 March 2010

15 things you may not know about me

number one: i want a cupcakery & craft shop one day.

number two: i love owls.

number three: i wish i could draw better.

number four: i aspire to own my own business.

number five: i prefer unknown to well known.

number six: i have a constant inner monologue, i can't help it.

number seven: music hugely influences my mood.

number eight: i am idealistic & a perfectionist.

number nine: i love to look and collect.

number ten: i like bows...a lot.

number eleven: i want to live in a country cottage kitted out in Laura Ashley...mmmm.....

number twelve: i love dresses and want to wear them every single day.

number thirteen: i really like celtic music.

number fourteen: i heart notebooks, diaries and to-do lists

number fifteen: i believe in fairies, angels, magic and love

Just a bit of afternoon silliness, have a good day!

Love Missy

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