Saturday, 4 August 2012

August Mini Goals

Oh my gosh, it's August already, I still kinda feel like we are waiting for Summer to begin with all the crazy weather we have been having but a few consecutive days of sunshine have got me in the mood for summertime. I like to look at the new month as a new beginning, a chance to set new goals and challenges and change anything that doesn't sit well with me. I drew up a list of the most pressing mini goals that will all change my life for the better.

1. Finish Some Home Craft: This is a biggie for me, I am extremely good at getting the excitement and motivation to start projects, but I am easily distracted and lack the drive to carry them through. I really want to change this with some of my most recent ideas.

2. Cook More: The nature of my business is food, weight loss and cooking, but as time consuming as this is, I find myself reaching for the easy cook options and I would like to experiment and learn more, especially in regard to herbs, spices and more exotic fruit and vegetables.

3. 30 Day Photo Challenge:  This should be simple, use instagram to take one photo a day using a daily prompt...easy no? No! I forget, I get distracted and I miss a few this time I am determined to see it through.

4. Blog Regularly: Again, this should be easy. My head is always full of ideas and I have hundreds of photos to blog about but time (or lack of time management) makes it difficult.

5. Collect and Keep More Inspiration: Using photo albums, Pinterest and bookmarks, to actually keep track of things I find inspiring, beautiful and motivational instead of just viewing them and then forgetting where I saw them.

6. Save Save Save: I don't mean this in the sense of putting spare money to one side and saving for a rainy day. I mean making better choices and being more restrained with spending. Things like grocery shopping have become mundane and repetitive and we seem to spend more and more each week with no real difference to the variety of our meals. Just being aware of this and making conscious efforts to shop a little more savvy will make me del like an entirely different person.

7. Stop Using the Microwave. This may seem like an odd one but frankly the microwave annoys me, it makes me a lazy and impatient cook. I would rather get up and make my son fresh porridge for his breakfast on the stove than zap it in the microwave. To me it's cleaner and much more satisfying. I would dearly love to throw ours out, but Im not quite brave enough yet.

8. Be Organised and Stick To It. I am all for planning and to do lists and schedules but I do find myself making the best plans and then not always following through. This I would dearly love to change and am working on it!

So there you have my August plans, have you set any mini goals, are you thinking about setting some? I'd love to know!

Love Danielle

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  1. Lovely blog, I'm with you on the SAVE SAVE SAVE! :o) x


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