Friday, 20 July 2012

Dreaming of a Life

So it's not secret that I love the idea of a country lifestyle. A pretty cottage, a garden full of vegetables, herbs and flowers, cycling to the local village to buy my bread fresh front he bakers. Yes, I know that sounds like something out of and Enid Blyton book but a girl can dream right?  My obsession for that lifestyle was encouraged this weekend when I took Haydn out on a gorgeous Sunday morning to a local flea market.

He was so well behaved and let his mama walk round all the vintage furniture while I mental placed it all in my cottage. After we shopped (and I purchased one or two kitchen items) we went to sit out in the sunshine and had a drink, this boy is just so cheeky!

You wouldn't know it to look at this photo but he was feeling a little poorly so as a treat we went to feed the ducks and see the pet area to cheer him up a bit. Well, we discovered they were selling lots and lots of different types of I have a new obsession. Yes, I want some chickens, so a large concealed garden is going on my ever growing 'house must have list' that I have generated for when we finally buy our house. I would also like a pigmy goat, I have always wanted a goat but Im scared it will eat everything I own.

I thought this coop was pretty nice! Just need a garden now....

Another part of the lifestyle I am working towards is the healthy aspect of it and that includes widening my food vocabulary! I want to try lots of wonderful and different fruit and vegetables and eventually grow my own. I'm looking into any local farmers markets at the moment as I have never been to one and I'd love to say I bought locally to help my community.

I think my first challenge is to start with a herb garden that I can keep alive more than a week. At this very moment I have an empty window box which systematically gets filled with fresh herb plants which I forget to water and then have to replace.

These were the herbs that I did not kill. They were fantastic but the plants that remained were not so lucky. Maybe I need to grow a little myself before I take on a garden, but its all the dream.

Love Danielle

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