Sunday, 1 January 2012

A year to remember starts right here!

Wow, when google try to shake things up they really really shake it up! So much so that I couldn't log onto my blog! Nightmare! But today I finally managed to sort it and I'm ready to blog into the New Year. 

Today we took a little trip out to get some fresh air and basically clown around like kids for a bit...well, why not!! 

My boys played on this amazing swing...all 4 of us were on it at one point! FUN! 

My sister got a little stuck!

Such a lovely way to spend day one of this lovely new year.

I knew 2011 was going to be an amazing year and it truly was, I had that same giddy, night before Christmas feeling about this one too. In the run up to midnight on New Years Eve my sister and I both worked on our goals for 2012. Here are mine...

I'm excited that some of my goals are professional and others are personal so already I feel like there is a good mix! 

Have you made resolutions or set goal this year? What are yours?

Love Danielle

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