Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Red Velvet Whoopie Pie....OMG

Hi all, I was out and about this morning and decided that Haydn and I would take a little trip to Starbucks as a treat. When we got there I spied their new yummy looking range of petit four type treats. Haydn went for the pink glitter lolly and I had the red velvet whoopie pie.


wow wow wow...if you havent been and tried these yet I urge you to...or not if you are easily addicted to things! I can see how people are saying that these are the new die for...although maybe a little bit small (i wanted about 4!) I restrained myself and just had one...I totally recommend these if you fancy a super yummy treat with a difference!

Love Danielle

p.s I FINALLY got around to taking some photgraphs yesterday of some crafty projects of late...I will edit and share as soon as I can. Also, I can share the secret project this weekend too!

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  1. these look so, so good! i can imagine wanting 4 as well


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