Friday, 1 April 2011

A real sense of adventure

Hi there, how are you? Happy April fools day by the way! Did you get pranked? If I'm absolutely honest I forgot! Eek. I love April, it's really one of my favourite months. It's the month That Haydn was born, it's spring and the sun is out way more. I feel like I have a constant smile in this month and I aim to make full use of the cheeriness. Also, it's Easter and aside from the chocolate I'm crazy excited for the Easter egg hunt we're going to do for Haydn. Growing up, my mum and dad always did an egg hunt for the three of us and it was so exciting! They always hid a trail of little eggs and bunnies leading to some lovely big eggs. We did Haydn an egg hunt last year and although he didn't quite get it. Just seeing him so excited was such a magical feeling, I can't wait to do it again.

Thinking about that reminded me of a little obsession I had as a child that I might like to re-visit sometime soon....treasure maps.

I used to draw them all the time and I would spend hours putting in fantastic details and making em look as exciting as possible. I love the intrigue and excitement. Over the years I've noticed my love for maps in other areas of my life. I love mind maps and artists like Jim Hauser and Elsie Flannigan, who both use an element of mapping in their work.

Mind mapping, seriously amazing, no?

I love every element of Jim Houser's work. The colour, the shape and the complexity of the layout is just gorgeous!

And Elsie's work is simply uber-cute. Oooh I'm feeling crazy inspired now, I want to go create.
Do you know any other artists that use this technique? I'd love to know about them!

Love Danielle

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