Saturday, 30 January 2010

Good Evening!

I've had a pretty busy day today and a lovely one too. I've seen so many pretty things and have come back completely inspired to make things. Im going to sit down with my sketchbook later and get them all onto paper. I've got a few pictures from today to share and I'll be posting about a beautiful new purchase later!

We took an interesting but quite smelly trip to this fish market. I love the shapes of these shells, I'll definately use them in a project soon!

Then I got to go into one of my favourite shops and was amazed at all the beautiful new things they have in there.

Love these mini post its!!

I thought this little monkey was sweet as well!

Then we went for a walk in the park, Haydn loved running through the mud. Messy monster!

My new purchase coming soon! Hope everyone is warm on this freezing cold evening!

Love Missy

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