Sunday, 31 January 2010

Going to the zoo, zoo, zoo

Hello! I went to the Zoo today, we took Haydn as he'd never been. I was hoping to get some pictures of some of the animals to take inspiration from for some projects I want to do over the next couple of weeks. Some of the animals were soo cute but the light Align Centrewasn't amazing and my iphone could only do so much....Although I still love it to pieces!

Such a sweet little baby monkey! Beautiful big eyes, want to use him in a crafty idea soon!

This little guy was more than happy to come right over and pose for the camera! Love him!

Funky little penguins.

Very majestic crane.

Beautiful wolf. Looks almost like a fox.

I felt sad for this leopard, he looked so odd in this enclosure. He should be free.

Haydn had such a good time, even though it had snowed and was freezing!

I'm hoping to get some of my recent projects on here tomorrow before I go to college in the evening so I have a really busy day. I also made my to do list for the week, want to get some good head way on it tomorrow.

Nighty night!
Love Missy

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